George Venturi
General Information
Show: Life With Derek
Age: Season 1: 44
Season 2: 45
Season 3: 46
Season 4: 47
Date of Birth c. 1974
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canadian
Hair Color: Dishwater Blonde
Protrayed by: John Ralston

Derek Venturi, Edwin Venturi, Marti Venturi, and Simon McDonald-Venturi

Step children:

Casey McDonald and Lizzie McDonald

Wife: Nora McDonald
Series Information
First Appearance:

"The Room"

Last Apperance:

"Vacation With Derek"

George Venturi is a legal aid lawyer. George is a laid-back kind of guy and plays guitar and does home renovation, both fairly badly. He also likes to joke around, cook, and watch sports on TV with his sons. He is an abysmal driver, and his license in briefly suspended.

Prior to marrying Nora, George raised his three children; Derek, Edwin and Marti, on his own. It is unknown why he is no longer with his first wife or why he has permanent custody over the kids, but his first wife's name was Abby.

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