Summer School Blues is the tenth episode in season 3 of Life With Derek and the 36th episode overall. It aired on August 26, 2007 on Disney Channel.


Casey being very musical signed up for a musical but she also realizes that Derek is in the chorus by himself... for the girls. She also has to work with a boy named Noel, since he is the main male role of the play, but she found out that he only did the play because of a bet, thus she gets angry. She also finds out that her boyfriend doesn't want to watch her perform! Could this be the end of Casey and Max? Will Noel make a move?


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Olivia Ballantyne as Brooke
  • Benjamin Morehead as Jack
  • Amari Myles as Carlos
  • Mathew Costa Parke as Nathan
  • Michael Costa Parke as Nick
  • Jeremy Wright as Mr. Nod

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